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What is Thrive at HOME, also known as Aging in Place?

Aging in place refers to the concept of individuals living independently in their own homes or communities as they grow older. This approach emphasizes maintaining a high quality of life and autonomy by adapting living spaces, accessing supportive services, and fostering social connections to meet changing needs as one ages.

What is Relocation Coordination, also known as Senior Move Management®?

Relocation Coordination, often referred to as Senior Move Management® (SMM), is a specialized service designed to assist older adults and their families with the transition from one residence to another. This process typically involves downsizing, relocating to a new home or senior living community, and settling into the new environment. Mission Transitions provides a range of services to support clients throughout every stage of the move, this may include:

  • Sorting and Downsizing: We assist with sorting through belongings, determining what to keep, donate, sell, or discard, and downsizing possessions to fit the new living space. We work with you to create a floor plan for your new home.


  • Packing and Moving: We coordinate all aspects of the packing and moving process, including hiring and supervising professional movers, managing logistics, and ensuring belongings are safely transported.


  • Unpacking and Setup: After the move, we help unpack boxes, arrange furniture, hang pictures, and set up the new living space to create a comfortable and functional environment.


  • Emotional Support: We provide compassionate guidance and support to help our clients and their families navigate the emotional challenges associated with moving, such as saying goodbye to a longtime home or adjusting to a new community.


  • Coordination of Services: We may assist with coordinating additional services, such as estate sales, cleaning, home repairs, or connecting our clients with resources in their new location.

What is Honoring Legacy also known as Advanced Planning and After Loss?

  • Legacy Planning or Advanced Planning involves creating a comprehensive strategy to manage and distribute belongings to future generations or charitable causes through donations. This process involves making arrangements or preparations for future events thus alleviating the burden of difficult decision making for loved ones. 


  • After Loss refers to the period following the death of a loved one. After experiencing a loss, individuals or families often need assistance to navigate a range of practical and emotional challenges including managing the home and the contents.

Who are Mission Transitions’s clients?

Older Adults: 

  • Who wish to remain in their current homes as they age and need assistance in modifying their living environment to meet their changing needs
  • Who are transitioning to Senior Living Communities or who are downsizing and require assistance with the relocation process
  •  Who seek support to plan in advance of their death to ensure their wishes are carried out with respect to their belongings and heirlooms

Family Members: Adult children or other family members who are assisting their elderly loved ones in planning for aging in place or managing a move to a new residence.

Executors or Beneficiaries: Individuals responsible for managing the affairs of an estate or trust, who may require professional assistance in organizing and distributing the contents of a home or estate

Individuals with Disabilities: People of any age with disabilities who require home modifications or assistance with relocation to ensure their living space is accessible and supportive of their needs.

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